Well, things have been going slower lately due to unforeseeable events (like funerals, snow extremes, and maniacal job applying), but there is some progress getting done.

I’m now on the sleeves of my Owls jumper, and I’m debating if I want to do too much of it, or wait and do the mindless Stst at my knit group on the 20th.  Although I suppose I could always just do the back of my Arwen!

Yes, I’m still trudging along with that, and have learned a new trick to help me git’er done  faster- cabling without the needle.

I’ve been wanting to learn this for AGES, and now have the perfect excuse. I used the version seen here:

This means that I’m flying along with this project. I am also very impressed with my yarn- I’m still on the first skein and already mostly done with the left front panel and  halfway through the arms.  Mayhaps I’ll have enough for a matching sent of gloves and hat?