Well, I got antsy and just decided to finish my Owls jumper rather than wait until Knit Night to work on it.  I’ll bring my Arwen to knit night and try to focus enough to not mess up the cables.

Bert is the partner to Ernie.  When I made Ernie, I made the mistake of trying it on as I went.  This led me to believe that everything was fine and fit fine, and to just carry on.  Then the owls kinda tightened everything up a bit, the sleeves were  quite snug, and the whole sad little thing just looked over stretched.  However, I spent a sickenly large  sum of precious pounds on the wool, so I’m hoping that one day it will fit…or get stretched out enough to fit…or…something magical happens.  But I just can’t bring myself to frog it and start over.  Nor can I frog it back and re-knit it because I’ve already worn it several times and washed it several time, and I’m scared that any frogging of the jumper will cause it to semi-felt or something and then all will be lost.

However, I made up for it big time with Bert.  I smartly bought Bert on sale from Knit Picks for less than $20 (and still have a whole skein left over!) . I also did NOT try it on at all, but followed the pattern (apart from moving the last two increases to the sides to avoid poofy back) and voila. Perfect fit.  I am even going ahead and sewing the ‘eyes’ on ‘im.

I kinda went overkill with the pics, I know, but I’ve wanted a nice, big, snuggly jumper before the end of winter.  I still have to block it and try to doctor a loose stitch where I had to knit the front wrap, but overall I am super chuffed.  Especially when I see the wee eyes peeping back.

*Note: I HATE SEWING! Jebus, I spent 2.5 HOURS sewing those bloody beads onto the owls, and I still have 3 MORE OWLS TO DO!  And this is why I try to avoid knitting jumpers with copious buttons on them. Down with sewing!