I’m sure it’s an event every knitter has faced at some point: They’re living a very busy life at the moment, they have several projects on the needles (some of which might not have been touched in months), and they have even more in their queue just waiting to be cast on with their respectively pre-selected and set aside yarn.  And then an impromptu trip to a LYS leads to the mad purchase of some (gorgeous) little gems, and quick as a flash, yet another new project is cast on while all the old ones just stare out lonely from the basket wondering that bnew yarn has that they don’t.  It’s not like the stash needed adding too…

And so it happened.  My friend from Edinburgh was down in the Big Smoke for the weekend and we had to pay a visit to the wonderful Loop in Islington.  I’ve wanted to check out this shop for ages, and was VERY enticed by the lovely selection on offer.  I ended up with 2 skeins of the ever delightful Malabrigo worsted which will be cast on shortly  (like tonight) to make the elegant Just Enough Ruffles .  I also walked away with three skeins of Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Light, which is a lovely 5-ply fingering weight yarn.  In my head, I really want to get into making more shawl/scarves since I have NONE (except for my Spring Time Bandit, which I LOVE but ran out of yarn a repeat too short and in mid-bindoff.)  So I’m toying with the idea of another STB.  I’m also being swayed by the notions of the Travelling Women , Saroyan, and Multnomah.   And of course, Ishbel!

I also learned of some FABULOUS local yarns that sell on-line.  Once I get paid again, I definitely planing on spending some serious money at The Yarn Yard and the Skein Queen.  The Yarn Yard is LOVELY and has a membership club that posts out 2 lovely skeins a month right to your door.  While I would LOVE to do this, I’m poor.  BUT it is def. on my list of something I might treat myself with if I ever had a large sum of money dropped in my lap (I’m looking at you, Birthday and Christmas!)   If you truly love beautiful yarn, CHECK OUT THESE SHOPS!

But wait, there’s MORE YARN on the way.  Next week I’m taking a wee trip to Farnham for Unravel.  Seriously, if you’re anywhere in the South West England area, I highly recommend you check it out.  There will a billion yarn sellers from all over the UK, great talks, a few classes, and yarn, yarn, yarn.