Yes.  Best day EVER!

Today I hopped the train to Farnham for Unravel, a ‘festival of knitting’.  There was yarn, talks, workshops, yarn, yarn, and more yarn!

Now, I had accrued 3 days of holiday from the Worst Job Ever and bequeathed myself a budget to run wild with.  Turns out I only spent half of it (watch out online yarneries!) but still made out with loads of lovely goodies:

Far Left: Merino wool from John Arbon Textiles.   This was a impulse buy, I have to admit.   I very cleverly made a ‘shopping list’ of all the patterns I have queued up and the amount of yarn they call for.   Because I was going to a yarn convention, I figured that there would be a lot of fingering/4ply hand dyed yarns (and there were), so I made out my ‘shopping list’ based on the lacy shawls I want to make.

I figured I would not find any aran/worsted weight affordable yarns, so I didn’t bother, even though I have like 200 jumper/cardis queued up.  Then I saw the John Arbon yarns.  It’s a worsted/aran weight, 197 yards, and ON SALE for £3.50.  So I bought 9.  Just to make sure I would have enough, and I’m wishing it made it an even 10 skeins so I could make 2 full sized lovely jumpers.  I sense Ysolda’s Vine Yoke cardigan will def. be one, and I’ll have enough left over for either a Back To School, 3 hour sweater, or maybe even both.

After the John Arbon comes a wee indulgent skein: Dazzle BFL from The Natural Dye Studio.  This lovely gem will make a very nice shawl, once I pick out which one I want to make.

The last two are Ranco Solid by Araucania that was on offer for £5.  Yes. £5.  Amazing deal, amazing colours, hand dyed, and from South America.  I def. foresee them being made into either an Ishbel or even an Swallowtail shawls.

Unfortunately for me, I went on a Sunday, and apparently Saturday was super busy, so people like the Skein Queen had run out of certain items.  But now I have the programme, and in it, a list of all the vendors and their websites.

I can’t wait to cast on!