Hmm, I see that there’s not been an update in quite a while…what could be the reason for that?

I’m still working out this work/knit/travel mix that I have to do each week and helping me along the way was Ysolda’s Vine Yoke Cardigan, published in Twist Collective.

And today, half an hour before Knit Group, I finished sewing on the last button:

It’s wonderful! Unlike other patterns, where I generally disregard rows/inch gauge, this thing depends on it thanks to it’s unique way of being knit side ways rather than top up or down. And my rows per inch was a bit bigger than what the pattern called for, so I made it a size smaller to get roughly a 36 bust.

The Pattern:

I love love love love it!  But I had mad love for it when I first saw it in Twist Collective and knew I had to cast it on immediately.  I just had to find the right yarn.  I also loved how I finished it in two weeks, it took about 800-900 yds of yarn, and could be mindlessly done while watching tv.

Gimp that I am, I blocked it wonky and gave myself strange poofy shoulder pads, but changed that by just re-wetting the shoulders and wearing it.  Who needs a dress dummy when you can just use yourself (and be slightly damp).

Would I do this pattern again? Most def! In fact, once I find the right yarn again, it’s back on the needles!