Having completed the Blueberry Vines cardi, I frantically searched through my Ravlery queue for another project to cast on.  One that I could take on a plane from England to Cali and back again, something that would be interesting but not too complicated and travel saavy.  I also looked at my stash and saw all the wonderful fingering/4ply that I splurged on at Unravel.

New project: Travelling Woman.  I though that this would be appropriate for the voyage and cast it on believing that it would see me through the next 3 weeks.

WRONG.  A week later, I give you Bon Voyage:

My feelings? It was alright.  The yarn was nice and is a lovely shade of softly undulating blue.  The pattern was fine- nice and easy and do-able whilst in front of the tv.

But it just didn’t grab me or inspire me to knock off another 2 right away.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ll be doing this pattern again.  I’m not sure if it’s because of it’s rounded edge as opposed to the more traditional triangle style, or what.  I’m not even sure I’ll kept it, even though I do really like the colour (and of late you can see that I’ve been in a very blue knitting mood).

I’m still left with the dilemma now of what to take to the US.  Bummer.