There’s a group on Ravelry called 10 shawls in 2010.  My friend told me about it and how she was thinking of doing it, but that 10 shawls sounded quite intimidating.   Well at least it sounded quite intimidating to me, esp. considering that my first attempt at lace knitting was with actual lace weight yarn and size 3 needles- the smallest needles that I had used back then.  Suffice to say, I made it 10 rows and realised I was doing it completely wrong.  It’s still in my drawer waiting for me to revisit it.

But that was back in the day.  Pre-Unravel.  And then I went to Unravel and spent a small fortune (okay, not as much as I expected) on lovely fingering/4-ply yarns and suddenly got bitten by the shawl bug.

Which is why I churned out 3 in a month.  Voici the latest shawl to join the collection: Simple Things knit in the awesomely delish  Dazzle sock 100% BFL from The Natural Dye Studio.

I wish I were a much better photographer, but my camera is pish and eats batteries like a fatty  noming fries at McDonalds.  And my honey’s camera is not quite….good. But will do.

This one only took me 3 days (and YES, I work 9-7) and I ended up doing an extra eyelet repeat because I just had that much extra yarn.

In other news, who else is pissing themselves in excitement and joy over the new Twist Collective? So many lovely designs, but I’m a bit too scared to cast them on.  Mainly because the cost of yarn would bankrupt me- but still no harm in drooling and dreaming.

Also, I am procrastinating- I LEAVE FOR THE USA to see my fam and friends for 10 days TOMORROW and instead of packing, taking out the trash, and cleaning, I’m yarn perving. And one of the most exciting things I can thing of are VISITING THE YARN STORE IN CA!  Two in particular:  MeadowFarm in Nevada City (close to where the parents live) and Cast Away in Santa Rosa (close to where I used to live).  Yarngasims? Yes. To the max. Just looking at the pics of the Cast Away shop is making me palpitate.

I leave you with this lovely advert from Norway(?) . Not exactly spring related, but it freak hailed/sleeted/snowed yesterday, so I’m still a fan of heat.