I figured it was time I got this thing made, and coincidental, it happened around the actual Coachella event in SoCal.  Well, maybe not really, since I finished this on a wet and horrid day in San Francisco before flying back to the UK to experience…..blissful heat and sun, but Coachella was just last weekend and I figured it was a good excuse to finally block and weave in the 10000 ends I somehow managed to accumulate.

Well I didn’t quite get it blocked (will do that tonight), but I did get the ends woven in and tried it out.  It’s made up from my left over Rowan Calmer, and I’m not sure if it’s me, the yarn, or what, but this thing has the looooooooooooosest  gauge ever.

I liked the pattern and thought this was a great knit for using up that last wee stash of leftover yarn from the bigger projects.  AND I even had about 3/4th of a ball left over at the end.  So it really only took me 3.23 balls of Calmer.

I have two other tee-shirt types on queue using up more of the Calmer.  I love how soft this yarn is, but man is it STRETCHY!  I think I’ll go down a needle or two for the next project and just knit the next size up to accommodate for how loose it  makes my gauge.

However, next up is Multnomah using a skein of my Malabrigo Sock that I got on holiday.   It’s done in the skein that The Parents gifted to me- the one that I thought I hated, then wound and thought I loved, and now that I’m done with the garter body, have gone back to ambivalent.   I don’t think it will be a colour I will like or that will look nice on me, so looks like another one for the gift box.

I have also decided on a pattern for my Blueberry Malabrigo worsted that I got in SF: Cloud Bolero by Ysolda.   It’s free (and after the small fortune I just spent on yarn, I need free like a bakery needs bread.  Also, in my ravelry recon, I found that quite a few people made very cute cloud boleros out of one skein of Malabrigo- and I have two. So this means I can have a cute, cap sleeved cardi with a longer torso that looks like it was meant to fit a me instead of a 7yrs old.