Whew- no update in how many weeks now? Crikey!

That does not mean the knitting has stopped. I arrived back from the US loaded down with delicious yarn goodies and quickly tucked into them.  First one up was my Malabrigo. I had two skeins and thought about making the Cloud Bolero by Ysolda.  Then I did it and wasn’t very happy with the result.  The arm holes were gigantic, I should have made it a bit shorter, and I should have made the sleeves longer.  That and I don’t like the colour as a top colour- it is very much more mitten colour.  So I think I will frog it and turn it into something like Bella mits.

Speaking of mitts, there was a period when the temperature dropped drastically and it even snowed in Scotland. In MAY! So it was a good thing I had some left over yarn from my Just Enough Ruffles scarf to make mittens!  I didn’t think I had too much left, so only planned on making a pair of short fingerless gloves.  That is until I made the fingerless gloves and realised I had enough to proabably add flip-tops to them a la Ysolda and her Dragonfly mitts style. 

I also managed to pump out almost a whole shawl (before getting too bored of the pattern) and started my Manu- all from US yarn. 

The Manu is lovely but TIME CONSUMING.  Yes, I know it’s all blooming stockinette for ages, but for some reason, it’s taking me AGES to make headway.  I finally got the body done and am working on sleeve 1.

So far I love the new techniques I get to learn.  I-Cord cast on makes a LOVELY edge, and soon there will be pleats and I-Cord bind offs.  Watch this space for up coming pics!

I also dove in and experimented with making sourdough bread.  This time consuming process is a post all unto itself, so bare with me as slowly get slightly more updated.