1) I have lost all motive to knit when the weather is hot. Even nice, summery knits. EVEN THOSE NICE SUMMERY, LACY CARDIGANS THAT I SPECIFICALLY PUT AWAY FOR SUMMER KNITTING.   I managed to get the back and 1/4th of a sleeve done on Manu before the damp, oppressing, humid weather of South West London got the better of me.

2) I have been more creative with clothing.  I don’t know if it’s all the Wardrobe Refashion posts I’ve been reading, or the weather, or what, but I have been VYING for a sewing machine.  Instead, I’ll use what I got: Glue.

Projects I have undertaken this week:

-Jacket Refashion.  This was an easy one. About 100  years ago, I bought a cheap ass jacket from H&M. Like £8. It was a cute all cotton peacoat blazer type thing. And ALL WHITE.  Which I thought I could pull off before I remembered that I don’t do white jackets so well. Mainly because I’m dirty.  And I suddenly foresaw myself displaying that dirt to the world via my white jacket.  So I dyed it. A sexy ‘burlesque red’ that is more of an eggplant colour. And the coolest thing is that this jacket must have been stitched with a nylon thread because all the seams maintained their whiteness, while the rest of the jacket dyed a lovely dark colour.  Pics once this baby dries.

-Shirt surgery.  USA is playing England this Saturday in the World Cup, and I can’ t tell you how sick I am of all the damn St. George flags flying about.  So in retribution, I bought some Stars and Stripes fabric and a cheap £2 shirt and went at it.  I cut out the letters USA and then glued/hand stitched a panel of the stars and stripes fabric behind them.  It would have looked super cute if I had tried on the shirt first. Turns out it was a rather lowish V neck so my USA letters are under my boobs.  Awkward.  But wearable.  I’m gonna experiment again…

-Bows. I also wanted to make stars and stripes hair bows, but so far I’ve managed to make retarded rectangular slabs that resemble the Texas state flag.  Not attractive. But I will persevere.

3) I’ve also become more crafty.  One of the trendy shops over here has started selling loads of flower hair accessories.  *Trend alert- floral hair accessories*  Now, I’ve made myself a few sexy floral hair accessories…circa 2004!  So I thought I would make a few more for my friends.  I bought some cheap fake flowers, some straight curl clips, and some glue.  Hot glue would have been better, but we’ll see how this stuff pans out. Again, pics coming shortly.