The last post I did a few aeons ago mentioned how warm weather saps all knitting energy out of me.  This has now been 100% confirmed because I just got  back from a mini-holiday in Scotland, where the average temperature was 13 degrees and rainy, and all I could think about was knitting.

I could feel it on the train as we slowly climbed north.   The sunny, 20+ temperatures of England slowly gave way to dark, overcast skies that eventually opened up to unleash a soaking tempest of precipitation doom.  And suddenly my fingers were itching knit and purl.

I am now only about 4 rows away from finishing the Mulnomah and itching to cast on more things- despite having the lovely Manu to finish too.

But the cold, windy weather, the grey sky, the fires in the hearths, and the smell of ocean…it all just screamed YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE HATS AND WOOLY JUMPERS!

Luckily for my pocket book, I spent the majority of my time isolated from wool shops.  I did maybe venture into K1 to pick up a new set of Addis, but surprisingly didn’t find any wool there that screamed at me to buy it (apart from Atresano Aran, but that always crys my name out).

And yet, you never know when the yarn gods will smile upon you.  So there we were, my Honey and I having just risked our lives in the most petrifying drive I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve driven with my learner little bro on the freeway!) over (quite literally, OVER) the bloody mountains north of Loch Carron into the overly touristy village of Apple Cross, when I spotted a computer printout for a a wool and weaving shop along the less deadly route out of Applecross towards Sheildaig.   Which isn’t why I suggested we take that route back out of Applecross- no, as my Honey knows, it was specifically for the scenery and to avoid going down the road of death.  But really, I wanted to see this yarn place.

The yarn shop was desolate hut along the road somewhere between Kalnakil and Feambeg (possibly in Cuig?) called Croft Wools & Weavers.

There wasn’t much on offer, and I ran right past the pre-made hats, gloves, jackets and jumpers to the small yarn corner, where I bought two lovely yarn babies.

These massive skeins weigh around 500gms each and are called ‘Aran’ weight, but feel DK to me.  They are homespun from the little old man’s Gotland sheep and are just waiting for *that* perfect pattern to come along. I want a jumper with cables- something to remind me of that rough and wild Scottish wilderness where the yarn comes from.  So far the closest I have is

but with long sleeves, obs.

The Mountain View cardi…but which is a cardi and which I don’t have the skillz to make into a one-piece sweater.  So the haunt continues.  Hopefully there will be some great new releases in the Autumn issue of Twist.

Any ideas for a cabled jumper using DK?