What a sensational, wonderful, amazing issue! And that’s not just because Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  I drooled over so many wonderful knits and added a whole lot more to my Ravelry queue. Here’s some of my favs:

Acorns by Carol Sunday. I LOVE the lace pattern on this and ❤ the way the yoke looks.

Aliquot by Annie Modesitt

Cityscape by Laura Chau

Just look how CUTE the cityscape is used in the yoke.  LOVE this one!

Promenade by Mary-Heather Cogar

Love the sleeves, love the neckline, love the knitted under-boob tie

Twinflower by Amy Herzog

How can you NOT fall in love with that delicate flower lace sleeve detail?

Kiloran by Cirilia Rose

Possibly my FAVOURITE feature in the issue.  And whilst I don’t have the time or patience to knit a sportweight dress, I certainly admire those who do.  Just look how soft and romantic this dress is: I love the arms, the bodice shaping, the lace bodice detail, the buttons, the pleats. It just screams girly yet sophisticated, classic yet fresh, and soft yet stated.  LOVE IT!
What are your favourite patters in this issue?