I finished my Multnomah shawl two weeks ago, but didn’t take any pics until today.  Not a big fa, I have to say.

1) I would have NEVER picked out this colour for myself. BUT, I am all about testing the colour waters and knitting with a colour that I wouldn’t think was very ‘me’.  Because who knows- when you escape from knitting with the same colours, you might discover some new colours that become you new favs. Well after knitting this, I still don’t like the colour. Nope. Not doing it for me.

2) Not a massive fan of the pattern.   I should be all up about simple shawls, but this one I found a bit…stodgy.  Yes, I liked that I could just zone out and do it, but that then presented some additional problems for me. I ended up zoning out a bit too much and then totally lost track of where I was, who I was, what day, etc.  So I had to rip back to the garter base and try again.  This also caused some interesting variation in the spine.

Despite my distaste in the colour, I LOVE the yarn.  It’s so wonderful and soft and squishy…I only wish it was in a colour that I liked more.  But, it was a present from the in-laws, so who am I to turn down free yarn?