You can finally sense the shifting seasons again in the UK.  The weather is getting slightly cooler, the rains have hit, and the sun isn’t staying up until 10 anymore.  And I’ve been knitting more.  It’s obvious to see that I do 80% of my knitting in the autum/winter months, and with the increase in knitting comes a reflection back on some of the goals I set out for myself this year.

The first is a look at my’ summer queue’.  Back in Dec or so of last year, I made a seperate queue of all the light and lacy summer knits that I wanted to make in the late Spring to wear in July.  These included

 Arbor, which I was going to make out of my lovely Rowan Calmer that I got on sale last year at Jenners,


Suffice to say, NONE of them were even cast on, though I did manage to go so far as to print out the patterns.  The reason for this was because it was just SO hot I couldn’t even contemplate the idea of knitting.
And now, with the colder weater upon us, my thought are turning more towards big wooly knits.  So I suppose the lesson I learned in all this is to cast EVERYTHING on when you see it and want it because if you put it off seasonally, you’ll never get it.