Going back to the last post, reflecting upon my failed summer knits has also given me time to think back upon my new year knitting resolutions.  The main one was actually doing some more colour work.  This is why, fresh into the new year, and with the torrential blizzard conditions of January thrown in my face, I quickly whipped out the Fake Isle beanie.

The hat ended up being SUUUUUUPER small, but I was happy with it and patted myself on the back for having completed a stranding project.

Then I never touched another stranding project again.

This wasn’t because I was turned off from it, but because I didn’t have the right yarns, the right colour combinations, or the right pattern.  On reflection,  I realise that was all bull, and that I was just making excuses for myself because I was still scared of  Stranding and destroying posh yarn in an attempt to make patterned lovelies.

NO MORE! I am determined to pump out beaucoup des items for the Autum/Winter/Holiday season and have even been quietly stock piling 4-ply sporting, sock, and dk yarns specifically for this.  On my stranding list are:

Selbu, with yarn bought when I was last back in Santa Rosa- a lovely white and grey (just like the picture here) baby alpaca, merino, and bamboo yarn from Canopy, the fibre company.

We call them Pirates, which I plan to do using my left over Rowan Kid Classic since I can’t think of what to do with it.  Yes, it will be a super itchy hat methinks, but who knows? The cloche I made from it and felted actually wasn’t itchy at all….

Snowflake fingerless gloves. I’m really hoping that these are just made like the fake isle hat- with one skein of variegated yarn and one solid. Hoping. Actually, these scare the crap out of me.

Fiddlehead mitts. These look amazing and it seems everyone and their mom has managed to make a pair, so here’s to hoping!

End of May Mitts

I now have quite a lot of yarn for these colourwork experiments, and am expecting some more from loop on Monday (this is super exciting because two of the colours I ordered they didn’t have, so I just told them to send me whatever colours they liked…yay for surprises!)

Fingers crossed for a colourful winter!