Yes, after almost 4months of working on this, my MANU is finally finished! I was so excited that I threw it on still damp before it was totally blocked. BECAUSE I COULDN’T WAIT!!

The thing with the Manu pattern is that I LOVE the cardi- like, if I found this cardi in a proper shop, I would def by two of them. I just think it’s a stunning jumper! Therefore, I wanted to take my time and do this baby right.  Well, that’s not to say that certain things were hurried, and yes, I had moments of ‘hmmm…maybe I shoud redo that…’ but then didn’t, but overall, I am SUPER pleased with myself.

However, as always, I am not 100% happy with the yarn.  I got my yarn from Cast Away, a lovely yarn shop back in Santa Rosa, CA. In fact, I SPECIFICALLY asked the yarn lady there to help me pick out a lovely yarn FOR THIS PATTERN. She chose Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.  Which is alright.  Is it DK? I thought personally it was more sport at timesm but only because it is SO light. This is a very airy yarn and made knitting with it feel like it was taking ages!  Also, I would have liked this cardi to have slightly more weight.  The pockets help to weigh it all down, but overall, it is a very light, light cardi. 

The things I loved: Learning new techniques! I LOVE the (super time consuming) i-cord bind off because it  gives such a clean and finished edge. Pleats were alright, but a bit slippery and required some focus.  I also LOVED the i-cord button holes. Very easy and very sleek looking. I HATED the i-cord cast on. Ugh. Way more time consuming for me than the cast off and just not my cuppa. 

Would I make another one? I would LOVE to say yes. I say that because I think that this is such a wonderful cardi, and I would love to have it in a lightly heavier dk wool. BUT, it did take me almost 4months to make. I’m not sure if this was because I just wasn’t feeling the yarn, or if I was just being slow.

Actually, I know I was being a bit slow because certain elements scared me and  I ended up knitting  a few other things rather than have to face the scary parts.  The scary parts turned out to not be scary in any way. But on paper I couldn’t wrap my head around the directions and made a hat instead. And a vest. Those to come soon.

However, here is the Manu in all it’s glory.  I am actually quite annoyed with how bored and dull I look in the photos, but trust me, I was grinning like a maniac about 1 second before the automatic timer went off. Also, bare in mind that these pictures were taken when the garment was WET. You can kind of see through the fabric a bit because the wet bottom was pulling down on the fabric.  I have to say, it fits a lot better now that it’s dry.