I could just feel it as I walked down  to the train station Saturday morning: the air was colder and crisper and smelled like wet rain, and the leaves were taking on a golden hue.  Yep, autumn is a commin’!

A few weeks back, because I was scared to finish up my Manu, I went ahead and cast on the Back to School vest from Sephanie Japel. I had previously made this and loved it, apart from the fact I had (once again) chosen the WRONG yarn, and the vest stretched out like a mother.  Plus I had neglected to read the entire pattern, and forgot to do the finishing edging.  Whoops.

Last year's vest before immense streatchage and growth

But I liked it, and I happened to have 6 skeins of a nice, stitch defining wool hanging about.  So instead of finishing the Manu, I went ahead and cast on for another vest.  And I finished it….well…ish.

I did the finishing edging around the neck and one sleeve before I realised that it was WAY TOO SMALL!  I can just get my head through if I stretch it like crazy, but it’s too tight.  So I need to rip out the edging for both the neck and arm holes and re-d0 with a larger needle. I’m thinking size 6 instead of the size 4 I’ve been using.

But that takes effort and I can’t be bothered. I’m now sick of this vest and the fact that it should have been finished a week ago, so as punishment to the naughty vest, I’ve stuck it in my TBC (to be completed) box.  I feel it’s time to move on.  And what better way to move on than with a changing seasons Highland jumper?

Remember when I took that holiday to the West coast highlands of Scotland and bought wool from an old man in a hut by the side of the sea?  Well I did, and it was dirt cheap.  £20 for 475 gms of what was labelled ‘aran’ weight (but is really in between dk and worsted), homespun by the little old man from his gotland seaweed and heather eating sheep. Bliss.  So I bout two giant yarn babies.  After over an HOUR of hand winding, I ended up with this:

Yarn baby on left weighing in at 525g, wine bottle for scale comparison and stamina, finished ball of yarn on right,475g, slightly smaller than a volleyball

I have a feeling I can get at least 3 garments out of what I purchased. IF NOT MORE.  Because there are no indications of yardage, I have to go by what I laboriously hand wound and it def seems I can make probably two jumpers and maybe two shirts.  First on my list:

I will make the sleeves longer, but that’s about it.  It’s got everything- a bit of mock cable, some lace, and simple bottom up, no seaming construction.  Excellent!