September was a hardcore knitting month, but you wouldn’t know it based on this blog.  Why? Mainly because I started the month off working on a secret surprise for Kiki.   I started out knitting with one of my favourite yarns, New Lanark Aran,  held double to try to get a chunky yarn.  Well, I finished the body of the secret project before realizing that it was just way too stiff.  Wearing this would be as snuggly and comfy as a burlap carpet.  So I rippped the whole bloody thing out and started again, dreading that I would be a week behind for the Birthday Deadline.  I ended up finishing it in just over a week. The secret project in question?


Yep, I tried it on to make sure it fit me before sending it on its way to its new home.  It’s so much more gratifying to give someone something home-made when you know they’ll appreciate it.   So that was surprise no. 1.

Surprise no. 2 was that since I had decided to just knit the jumper with just one strand, I had 5 balls left over for me. Well, 6 actually, since Owls took waaaaaaaaaay less yarn that anticipated.  So now I had to choose something for  me. Dear oh dear…

Then the disgustingly too talented Saz mentioned on her blog about making Idlewood and that did it for me.  I bought the pattern and cast on that night.  Now, the thing I forgot was that knitting a large cowl is like making a second body, and once I was done with all 16 inches of the cowl, I was scared I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish.  But luckily this pattern has no sleeves, and somehow, I ended up with one skein and a bit left over.  God New Lanark, how I love you!

I decided to go with an I-cord bind off because I’m obsessed with that just now, and think it really finishes off a garter edge.

So I got a surprise jumper for me, Kiki got her surprise jumper for her Birthday, and I was surprised to see just how far 9 balls of NL Aran can go.

Up next on the needle is  the Estelle Pullover, which I LOVE.  And for reasons unknown to me, I chose to do this one in my left over stash yarn from the Blueberry Vines cardigan.  So yet ANOTHER dark blue jumper.  That makes it 2 home made dark blue jumpers in ONE MONTH!  Plus my blueberry vines in the same yarn, and it looks like my wardrobe is going to be very very blue this autumn.

Which is was I feel I need to inject some colour!  I’m about to part with £45 for some more New Lanark Aran. This time, I want 5 balls in Cherry red to make the Estelle Cardigan with, 3 in a dark grey/brown, and another 7 in various colours so I can make another Secret Something for Christmas, and to force myself into some colourwork.  I have one ball of Denim NLA from the Owls/Idlewood left over, so I’m thinking of using that to make either something like this:


I suppose I also need to start saving up so that I can afford MORE YARD so that I can FINALLY get to work on a Central Park Hoodie and any other of my 100000 queued garments.