Just after I knocked off the Owls jumper for my friend Kiki, I got those itchy fingers again for yet another jumper.  And good thing too, because the temperature down here has hit an Arctic cold spell.

I had some leftover skeins from when I did the Blueberry Vines cardigan, so next came the great search for a perfect pattern.  I found it with Estelle.   Luckily for you, when you buy the pattern, you get not only the cardigan version, but the pull over version as well. Bargain!

This turned out to be a super easy and lovely pattern that only took me just over a week to finish.  The only mods I made were to do about two more waist decreases and to change the ribbed edging to garter so that it matched the yoke.  If I were to do it again (which I will), I would make it slightly longer in both the body and arms. BUT, I was using left over yarn and super super super scared that I would run out. So while I probably had enough left over to add another 2 inches to the arms, I got scared that I wouldn’t and ended up with too short arms. But worn slightly pushed up into 3/4 length looks ducky.

I now have visions of making this as a red cardigan.  I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM ALL THE BLUE KNITTING!  And who knows…might end up making a few for X-Mas….