…it makes me knit. A lot. Ah, hooray for the return of cold weather!


Whoo hooo! This was the first big stranding project I did. I finished a wonderful, awesome mitten as my warm up, but have yet to photo it/start on the second one.  Which I totally need to do because it’s getting COLD.

The yarn is all from New Lanark.  This was a quick project and totally gave me practice in English throwing knitting. I don’t knit with my right hand. At all.  I really persevered and tried my best to knit with two hands.  I think I’m getting better! I just need more practice in holding the yarn!

Then I went to Brighton to visit my friend and saw her hat.

My friend Kiki has a hat from Accessorize. It’s a simply knit hat and I hate the fact that it cost her so much.  But I loved the style of the hat so much that I wanted to make one myself.

This was super simple and done in a day.

My Anti-Accessorize Hat Recipe

2 Balls of Sidar Big Softie (Chunky)

2 circ 10.5 needles ( because I like to knit hats on two cirs. You could use one 16″ circ or DPNs

1-Cast on 60

2-Knit 4 rows of k1p1 ribbing

3-K one row of  *K2Tog, YO*

4-Knit one row

5- Repeat steps 3 &4 9 more times for a total of 20 rows from ribbed edge

Begin decreases.

6- *K7, K2Tog* repeat to end.  Note: The last repeat only has 8 stitches, so you will have to K6, K2Tog.

7- Knit one row

8- *K 6, K2Tog*. Repeat to end. Just make sure to knit the last two stitches together in the last repeat section.

9- Knit one row

10-*K5, K2Tog*, etc, etc.

Hopefully you see the pattern. Keep decreasing one row, then knitting one row until you get down to the part where you *K1, K2Tog*.  Follow through with the pattern.

-Next row: K2Tog

-K2Tog again. Continue until you get down to 4 or 3 stitches.  You can either break yarn and draw through live stitches, or continue on as I did with a 3 row I-Cord.


Whoo hoo!