The UK was recently hit (and still continues to be in Scotland) by snow, snow, snow.  And since I am being so damn slow on making my stranded mitt, I was faced with a difficult choice- either hurry up and finish the stranded mitt, or start another mitten project with thicker yarn and larger needles. 

Guess what I chose.

I finished one mitt on Sunday, but then the work week started and it took me until the following Sunday night to finish the second mitt.  Sadly, the first mitt sucks. I did it on smaller needles before remembering that I have large man hands. And I got confused with the decreases because I was doing it magic loop style when the pattern was written for 4 dpns.  The second mitt? AMAZING. Isn’t that always how it works out?

I have also been very strict about not making any Christmas pressies this year.  I got stressed out last time and knitting began to feel like a chore, not an enjoyment.  That being said, certain people will be getting knitted lovelies (just probably not at Christmas- because spontaneous pressies is always better, right?), and a few will be getting odds and bobs that I make when the fancy strikes. Like these:




These little flower corsages have pins on the back so that they can be pinned on to all those winter coats to add a bit of spring bling. I even put some beads in the centre to give it a bit of glitz.

The last one I got is a request from my manger who wanted Knitted Character from Harry Hill’s TV Burp.  I’ve never seen this show and had no idea what Knitted Character was.  So how surprised was I to find that it was not knitted, but crocheted? 

Not terribly impressed with my embrodry skillz, but not bad for a first time attempt.  Now finally I can maybe move on to finish my stranded mitts and red cardi!