Well the sun might be making more frequent appearance, but it’s still pretty damn cold in London town lately.  And yet despite that, the knitting has slowed down to that of cold treacle.  Well, not any more!  After several months of just hanging out on the needles, I have FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY finished my real stranding project.  I’m talking double fisted knitting here. And I loved it!


Super happy with how these turned out.  Although, the right one is a bit tighter than the left.  Don’t know why- Maybe I got too confident and ended up tightening up my stitches? No idea, but the after a good blocking, I can get my right hand in fairly comfortably.  Yay!

This has spurned me on tackle another stranding project that’s been on my list for ages,  Selbu Modern. I cast on for that one on Thursday and am now just starting the chart.  I’ve never knit with needles smaller than US 3, and I’m so scared that I’m gonna bend or break the little things. I also didn’t exactly read the directions too well and cast on with size 2 instead of size 0 needles for the 1×1 rib. Oops. But I can’t be bothered to fix that because I’m a rebel. A lazy, lazy rebel.

I am in LOVE with colourwork, which is very good considering that I just spend a small fortune on fingering, 3 and 4 ply, and dk yarns lately.  I went buck wild a year ago at the Farnham Unravel yarn convention when I was going through a mental shawl phase.  Out of all those wonderful shawls I planned to cast on, only about 3 came to exist. Then I went off shawls.  And all that lovely fingering and 4 ply went to sleep.  I also splashed out when I went to the US to visit my parents because there is the most delicious yarn store EVER in Santa Rosa.  I told myself I wasn’t going to go in.  I started to walk in the opposite direction of it.  But then, like a magnet being sucked back, I flipped it and made a bee-line back into the sweet yarny heaven of Cast Away.   The thing is, I KNOW they are more expensive than other shops.  By like $3 a skein.  BUT, they shop is laid out so sweetly and amazingly, and the people are so nice, and yarn is SO luxurious that I manage to talk myself into something.  Time time it was about $60 for 4 skeins of Classic Elite Fresco (60% wool, 30% baby alpaca, 10% angora, baby!) in the most STUNNING colours, and 3 sets of faux addi needles.  Naughty, I know, but on the other hand, this yarn DOES NOT EXIST in the UK unless I want to trek into central London.  And I figured that the addition of a zone 1-6 travel card + the exchange rate = I was still getting the better deal splurging in the US.  EVEN THOUGH THE FECKING STATE OF CALI HAS RAISED ITS SALES TAX TO 10 FECKING PERCENT!!!!!!

So whilst I have now thrown myself into stranded knitted accessories, I’m fairly sure that the deceptively sunny skies will have my knitting shawls again in no time.  And that the release of Ysolda’s new book Little Red in the City will have me once again salivating over the prospect of more jumpers and cardis.