I’m not really a seamstress, but I would like to be. And as much as I love knitting, it takes me about a month to make a jumper, cardigan, or lacy shawl.  But I do get that smug sense of satisfaction when I whip out a hat in a day.  And it seems like you can get the same sense of quick accomplishment with sewing.  Not that I’ve every made anything wearable.

But, I have been fiddling about.

Last year I bought myself a sewing machine as a Christmas pressie.  I played around with it and did the usual newbie crafts- I made pillow cases out of fat squares. Although I have to say I was pretty chuffed with my non-measured unpatterned experiment of the Union Jack.

I also refashioned a pair of leggings into a long sleeved shrug, which I thought was pretty creative and thrifty of me, but other than that, nada.

Then I got obsessed with buying cheap vintage kilts on ebay. I got one for like £2 and….it didn’t fit.  It was long enough by a mile, but it’s interpretation of a UK size 14 was not my body’s, so it just wouldn’t go around my waist.

That is, until I whipped out the sewing machine to try and see what I could do! I cut off the top waist band part, folded it down, made a new band, reattached the leather buckles, made some button hole slits, and voila! It was A line anyway, so by cutting about two inches off the top, it made the waist bigger to fit my wine belly.

Naturally I didn’t take any pictures of the waist, which is where all the refashion happened. Eejit. And I got super lucky because the pleats where already sewn in, but I was mighty chuffed with what I was able to do- things like button holes- that let me play with some of the functions on my machine.

Now I’ve done a whole slew of pressies for others, but those will have to wait until after Christmas!