…when you suddenly have more hats than heads. Yeah. You know it’s winter when you can’t stop knitting winter accessories.  And let me tell you, the freezing winds of death that threaten to blow me off my bike everyday in Cambridge have sent me into a knitting frenzy.  Luckily, I have plenty of stash to help me.

First up was a hat.  I thought I had lost all my hats (eeek!) in our move, but then I found my two favourites in…my yarn box next to more stash yarns. Whoops.  But by the time I found them, I had already resolved myself to use up some of my stash on another fake cabled hat.  I love this pattern! It’s super quick, the fake cables give it more interest than your standard knit beanie, and it’s a great way to use up that not quite full skein of Malabrigo.  

But did it end there? No.  The hat didn’t use up all the left over Malabrigo that I had, so not wanting to waste it, I also made an earwarmer/headband for those days when my ears are suffering from frostbite.  Read: EVERYDAY


But wait, there’s more!! 

I also talked myself into going to the newly opening and freaking AWESOME Sheep Shop.  This is a small, local yarn store that stocks the good stuff- local British yarns and affordable luxuries (Drops alpaca for £1.50!!) and I had been doing my best to avoid it because I could easily see myself spending hundreds of non-existent pounds on wool when I totally told myself that I had SO MUCH stash to get through.  Seriously! I have half a Lakia waiting for me to finish the sleeves, hood and trim, another fair isle hat that is halfway done, a buttload of fingering/sport yarns waiting for me to tackle more fair isle mittens, and enough sport weight to make Connie’s Mountain View cardigan, which has been in my queue for ages.  

So naturally, I caved in and bought a skein of Malabrigo Chunky because I had NEVER knit with Mal’s Chunky before.  And because I told myself that I wouldn’t buy any more yarn, I had to quickly knit it so that I could tell myself that I didn’t really add to my stash.  If I buy it and use it in one day, it doesn’t count as being bought, right? 

I’ve knit this pattern before and should have knit a few more rows before decreasing because the first hat is just so every so slightly too small. I mean, it works, but I wanted 3 rows more ear coverage to call it perfect.  This one is near perfect!  It eats my ears, covers my head, and fits nicely (if just a tad too big), but I rather it like this than too short.  So the old hat will most likely go to mom. 

So what is on the needles now? Well I just finished the jumper for my Honey, and that I blocking as we speak.  So far, I have used up more stash on a pair of super thick cabled mittens and have one done and one more to go.  Then I suppose I really need to address the fair isle hat that’s been sitting there for months just waiting….or I could start my Central Park Hoodie, or finish my Lakia, or start the Mountain View Cardi, or work on a fair isle cardi….I want to make EVERYTHING that is in Ysolda’s Little Red book….

Yep, the best part about winter is that it inspires so much knitting!