I don’t peculiarly like making new year resolutions because I’m every so good at forgetting them. However, there is quite a mental list of craft projects/skills I would like to work on this year.

1) FINISH WHAT’S ON MY NEEDLES. How often do knitters express this? But I need some of those needles now, and these projects seriously need to get done. I have a half finished fair isle hat that I need to just hunker down and do, as well as the lace hoodie Lakia that is only missing 1.3 sleeves,a hood, and the trim.

2) improve fair isle. See above. Last year, when I really wanted to work on my standing skills,I did a pair of mittens and was fairly happy with the results. Which is why I wanted to further improve then with the hat. The hat I’ve been procrastinating on now for about a year. Just finish it!

3) work the refashioning. This is a major one I want to really embrace. I have a sewing machine and I need to not be afraid to use it. While ideally I will one day make my own awesome dresses and clothes, for now I need to just learn the basics. And since I am ass poor,I need to learn them without spending money on fabric. This is where refashioning comes in. I’ve tinkered with this in the past, making a small kilt fit my hips, and turning a pair of leggings into a long sleeved shrug. But I would like to take it further by embellishing old cardigans, livening up old shirts, and by busting the thrift stores to transform old things into awesome new ones. I don’t think I have the imagination to be able to walk into a shop and see how to transform a men’s  shirt into a dress, but hopefully one day. Plus, refashioning will let me play with my nonexistent sewing skills so that one day I won’t transform 3 yards of fabric into a heap of expensive scraps. Refashioning project of the week-transforming a jumper that I accidentally super shrunk into a pair of felted slippers.