One thing I quickly learned about Cambridge is that everyone and their mom gets from point A to point B via bike.  A bike is far more essential than a car, and for those of us who live 10mins by bike outside of the town centre, a bike is life.   The next thing I quickly learned after that is that Cambridge is  almost always being hit with a FREEZING wind (especially in winter) that drops the temperature down at least another10 degrees.  Trust me, when you leave the house to bike to the pub and have to scrape ice off your seat first, you better be wearing gloves.  I forgot my gloves that day and almost had to have my hands removed from the subsequent frostbite. So I decided to fight back with gloves.

Bella Gloves

Oh yeah. Those are Aran weight Alpaca HELD DOUBLE for chunky alpaca-y goodness. Me-1, Nature-0.