Once upon a time, I bought a sweater on sale from Uniqlo for £12.  It was 100% wool and the only white jumper in my closet.  I got to wear it 4 times.  Then my wonderful honey grabbed it when we were doing a load of lights and my wonderful sweater morphed into something that wouldn’t even fit a toddler.

You can't tell here, but it's TINY

But I’m poor and hate seeing clothes go to waste, especially if I didn’t get much use out of them when they were wearable. So out came the scissors and voila- refashioned into a pair of felted slippers!

I had made a pair of felted slippers last year by knitting some scraps up from my various finished projects, but this was the first time I had to figure out how to make a pair from an already felted jumper.  It’s not super pretty, but they’d def functional and more like felted socks than big thick slippers.  All in all, it took the majority of the sweater, with the back and front becoming the soles and top part, and the sleeves becoming the ankle section.