This is an old project, but one I didn’t get the chance to share.  In November, my wonderful honey told me that he wanted a hand knit jumper for Christmas. Mind, this was mid November.  I should have said ‘no’ and bought him a digital gadget. But instead, since I had no job at the time and excited that my Honey actually wanted something that I could make him, I quickly ran online and ordered everything I needed from New Lanark.

I managed to get it down with 2 weeks to spare, but I could tell that things weren’t right.  I had to switch from following the Large instructions to the Medium because my Spidy-senses were tingling with danger.  And even having done that, the bloody thing turned out to be HUGE.

Now, this was a new experiment for me. I had never knit a patter that was bottom up until the sleeves, and then split to do raglan style sleeves. And I didn’t really have sleeves that matched the armholes. But I ignored that. The jumper was MASSIVE! He tried it on and I quickly saw that I would have to take out 8″ from the body and about 2″ from the sleeve width.  But how? Well I made that up.

I used mattress stitch to pinch 4 inches together on each side of the body and then cut out the tumor.  Upon reflection, I should have looked up how to properly steek, done that, and then mattress stitched up the side. But no matter. After I had cut out the excess fabric, I used a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to run along the seam because I’m paranoid of it unraveling.  I had to be more creative with the sleeves, but eventually got them trimmed down, and managed to fold back and sew about 2″ of the shoulders without making it look like I had included shoulder pads (although it was touch and go for a while).

But the end result was a jumper that fits him and that he actually wears. Like, a lot.  And yet despite him wearing it ALL THE TIME, I have never managed to catch a photo of him in it. 

Pattern: Something from DROPS