Whoa, I thought this was a knitting blog?!? Yes, it generally is. But I seem to be only able to knit when it’s proper freezing winter weather out there. Something about yarn, knitting, and dark nights that just go together. But now that the weather is lighter (bloody England, it’s been raining for a month straight!), I don’t feel like knitting as much. So I’m dusting off the ole sewing machine.

Today was a super crafty Sunday. There was sewing. There was gluing. There was the spending of a lot of money on crafts.

I woke up at 9, which meant one thing: I had 4 hours to make something on the sewing machine before my Honey woke up. Operation scour Pintrest. I’ve been wanting to refahion some old tee-shirts into a skirt for quite some time now, so when better than the present? I found this


And thought  “I have two shirts that I accidentally stained.  Let’s try it!”  Naturally the example is WAY nicer than what I managed to cut and sew together:

Two tee shirts to a skirt

I also decided to play with making fascinators.  I’ve been looking at various birdcage veils and fascinators, and didn’t see one that really stood out as what I wanted.  Plus, they were all crazy expensive.  Like, starting out at £40.  So I did some research and went to Hobbycraft, where I spent approx£10 on materials and voila, fascinator #1:


First fascinator

Now I’m just waiting for the veil fabric I ordered from online cheap fabric stores so I can work on the veil.  I haven’t decided if I want to make the veil separate and attach it to a comb, or if I want to attach it to the fascinator, or if I want to make the fascinator/veil combo a comb or clip.  Luckily, the flowers only cost £3, the combs £1, and I have enough feathers and diamontes to make probably 2-3 more.  I had and old fake pearl necklace break on a trip from Cambridge to Edinburgh, so I’m reusing those beads.   Heck, maybe after the wedding I can sell ’em!