Have you heard of steeking? It’s when you spend hours and hours doing something massive, like a fair isle jumper, and then pray vehemently as you take a pair of scissors to it and snip it up the centre to make it into a cardi.  Naturally, I don’t want to spend hours and hours (not to mention mucho $$) on making a full on fair isle jumper only to destroy it as only I know how, so I figured I might get clever and cut up someone else’s jumper first.  Living in a charity-shop less suburb of hell, I turned to ebay to see what I could score.

And got distracted by this: DUKYANA hand knitted THIC...

and this: DUKYANA hand knitted FUZZ...

and this: Item image

Hand-knit muppet-wear from (naturally) Bulgaria.  And the real kicker? These hideous garments go for over $200 EACH!! And this lady has sold over 900 of them! WHAT?!?!

I”m really kicking myself for giving away some of my hand knits to the charity shop when it became obvious I was never going to wear them ( i.e. my shedtastic furry blue hoodie), a few jumpers I out grew, some shrugs, etc.

Item image I mean, it looks like someone killed Oscar, skinned him, and then draped him over a a log instead of a mannequin.  This one Item image is $560!! To be eaten by a blanket and cocooned!