1) I grew up in Sonoma County and still regard it as one the best places in the world

2) This is greatly due to the free wine tasting, easy ocean access, and my undying love for large, ancient, coastal Redwoods

3) I now live in Edinburgh London Cambridge, and have been off and on in the UK (damn you Visa limitations!) for 6 years

4) I am obsessed with Scotland

5) I have been since High School when I first saw Harry Potter, heard Oliver Wood (aka Sean Biggerstaff) speak, and was mesmerised by his accent.

6) I used to stalk Sean Biggerstaff, and actually attended on of his concerts and one of his plays, but then met my own Scottish love in a pub on New Years and haven’t really given the Biggerstaff much thought since.

7) Scottie and I have been together 6 years 

8) One of the things I am determined to learn before I die is Intarsia/ Fair Isle knitting

9) I am actually scared shitless of Fair Isle knitting, so maybe I’ll get hit by a bus when I’m 40 and never actually learn it.

10) I am a crazy tennis fanatic.  Andy Murray, all the way!

11) I would like to think that had my mom kept me in tennis lessons when I was 7, I would have grown up to be the next Venus Williams.

12) Instead, I’ll just pretend I remember how to hit the ball and just keep chasing after it like a faithful golden retriever.

13) Speaking of dogs, I want one more than I think I’ll ever want children

14) Babies eat, gnaw, and rip their way out of the uterus.  True story. The reason you get tiny baby nail trimmers at the hospital is so you can cut their claws before members of the public see the mark of the demon.

15) One of the biggest disappointments in coming to the UK was to see that they have a very small and unimpressive selection of tea.  I miss the 100s of flavours from Celestial Seasonings!

16) I have a Masters degree in Renaissance to Enlightenment but actually know NOTHING of those years because Edinburgh University fails at teaching. However, we did spend 3 weeks discussing if the Renaissance was a period of a movement.  Enthralling.

17) My dream job is excavating mass burial chambers such as those of the Chuchapoya in Peru, but sadly a Minor in Anthropology (archaeology) won’t cut it.

18) I am desperate to learn Stick shift- I never want to be like Robert Langdon in the Di Vinci Code- being chased after by bad guys and unable to escape because the car wasn’t an automatic!

19) I am obsessed with Fantasy/Sci-Fi books

20) I am a major comic book geek

21) I once told a group of my peers at a camp counsellor training session that my hero is Spiderman.  That was 11 years ago and things haven’t changed.

22) I would probably have been one of those D&D kids in High School if I wasn’t so scared of the stereotype and the way those kids smelled

23) I would love to write a novel, but have no ideas for a good story.

24) I listen to 90% of the music out there.  From A’cappella to ZZ top, I listen to to it all.

25) But I detest screamage.  If you feel the need to scream like you’re being chased by Jack the Ripper, then that’s not music, that’s noise.

26) I am addicted to edamame beans

27) I’m an athiest, but believe in having faith of some sort, be it just positive thoughts or a spiritual meditation that’s personal and uninvasive.

28) At times, I feel like the biggest tree hugging hippie, at others, like a dirty consumerist pig.

29) I highly doubt I will see that day that I vote Republican or Conservitive over Democrat or Labour.  In the UK, I’m (mostly)Lib Dem all the way, and in the US, I ferverntly wish for a 3rd party that dances between Democrat and Green…but I also approve of the death penalty…

30) Politics piss me off too much

31) I will eat damn near anything.  If someone tells me it’s delicious, then I expect it to be so. Unless it’s a raw oyster.

32) Another dream job of mine is to travel around with Andrew Zimmerman on Bizzare Foods as his female sidekick.

33) I never had a shoe fetish until I visited my friend in Italy during our 3rd year study abroad period- now I am properly hooked.

34) My best friends are American (obviously), Scottish, English, and South African

35) Speaking of International, I knit Continental, Purl Portuguese, and Norwegian Purl when I rib.

36) I get mad techo-envy sometimes.  New phones, mini laptops, touch screens, I want it all!

37) I prefer au naturale excercise- walking, hiking, climbing, as opposed to gym, gym, gym

38) One of my goals in life is to be fluent in another language.  I used to think this would be French since I did 5 years of it, but now I want to learn Spanish so I can read more articles on Peruvian Archaeology

39) Picnics are fantastic

40) If I could be any animal, it would be a black panther- you get joy of being a big killer cat, with the fun of climbing trees like a monkey

41) Book stores are almost as deadly to my bank account as yarn shops are

42) I would love to learn how to build a car from scratch

43) I love cooking, but my heart belongs to baking.

44) If I won $1,000,000,000,000, I would open up a cafe/bakery/bookstore/yarn shop in one.  So you could eat cake, drink tea, read about patterns while knitting some all at the same time.

45) Another life goal of mine is to be able to knit while reading

46) I wish I was an awesome tap dancer.  My mom enrolled me in classes when i was 3 or 4.  Then I went back when I was 17 and took a year of lessons, but was too shy to sign up to a proper studio because they made you perform in shows.

47) My mom is half Czech ( grandpa came over to escape WWI), my dad is Thai, so I am an odd looking mongrel who was told by a temp agency consultant that I looked “quite pale”

48) I’m not sure if this comment hurt my Asian side or my Californian side more

49) I’ve always wanted to live on the East Coast despite having never visited there

50) I suppose I do now live on the East Coast, but of a different country.  I can honestly say I never thought of that before.


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