I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but you know. Life happened.  The husband and I moved from the UK to the USA, and now I’m residing in Florida- the land where it’s far too hot knit proper things.

However, sometime between 2010 and now, I DID manage to finish off a few things.

Lakia is finally done!  Actually, she was done a year ago(ish), I just never got around to blogging about her.  I love her. SO SO much! I didn’t bother with the buttons because I rarely use them anyway (and didn’t have enough), but figured I could always hook and eye it later if I so fancied.

I’ve worn her loads, I love the colour, and all in all, I would make one again in a heart beat- something very tempting because I have 2 or 3 skeins of some very lovely Pixie Dragonfly yarn waiting for me- the only question is if I want to splurge on another skein.

Another project I just finished is one I started last year in an attempt to use up my stash.  I had a ball left over from Laika, and maybe half a skein of Knit Picks Gloss in lace weight that I needed to find a project for.  Turns out, I’m a sucker for going back to patterns I’ve already done.  Lace-weight Wicked? Why yes, I’ll have me another.  Problem was, I knew I didn’t have enough for a full jumper.  So I decided to do a few mods.

1) Use a lovely fingering weight yarn for the ribbing

2) Make the sleeves short

3) Throw in what was left of that yellow yarn when I ran out of green.

And so I started it in the UK as something to use up my stash while I watched my favourite Canadian TV shows.  Then we moved to the US and I found a knit group close by.  So I worked on it there, and before I knew it, it was done.

Now, serendipitously, it just so happens that these colours are the same exact ones worn by the local university, USF.  Where my husband works. So now I have some school pride to flash around.

It also grew like a mother when I blocked it, so instead of a tee-like top I thought I had, I now have a lightweight tunic that goes perfect over leggings.  WIN!

Something I can finally wear in the Floridian summer!