Just your average 20something with a hardcore addiction to yarn.   I was born and raised in the tranquil environs of Northern California, decieded that I needed to escape my family by attending the farthest University I could in San Diego, and after 4 years of that, felt that I needed to get even farther away and so moved to Scotland.  Actually, I’ve had an obsession interest with Scotland since I was in High School, so it worked out well.

I’ve been living (off and on for Visa puropses) in Edinburgh now for about 5 years and loving the city and its people. Please, UK government, DON’T DEPORT ME!

I learned to knit in November of 2008.  Basically, it all started with my obsession with South American archaeology.  Particularily Peruvian.  Peru has alpacas.  Alpaca wool is very soft and warm.  And so it began.  First I was on E-bay looking up alpaca clothing.  Then I saw some mittens.  And bought them.  Then I passed a yarn boutique that just so happened to sell alpaca yarn and I impulsively bought it, even though I knew NOTHING of knitting.  I figured i would learn or just end up wrapping the wool around my arm.  My goal in life at the time was to learn to knit mittens so I would stop buying Alpaca goods off E-bay.   Now my obsession has escalated, and I’ve moved past the mitten phase, past the hat phase, past the shrug phase, and am now obsessed with the idea of knitting sweaters.  My yarn stash has grown exponentially to include not only alpaca, but various wools, cottons, silks, and blends, and yet I can’t enter a yarn shop without buying yarn, needles, or both.


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